The title of this post almost says it all! But essentially I am looking for some guidance as to how to edit UHD on a 1080p timeline using proxies. I have tried a number of methods and at times thought I have cracked it, but then have a moment of doubt as to whether the results are quite as good as they could be!

In most editors, in which I have done this before, I have just set up a 1920 x 1080 timeline/project and cropped in on the UHD footage as required, (the business of the proxies and timeline resolution sees to handled in the background for you). Am I correct in understanding that when working in Kdenlive with proxies I need to set my project settings to match the resolution of the proxy files rather than resolution of the original files or the intended resolution of the rendered output?

I have experimented with using proxies scaled to 960, as this makes the maths of cropping in easier, and setting my timeline to 960x540. Then when rendering I scale to 1920x1080. I think(?) this works but would be very glad of some input from anybody else who could comment with more authority.

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