Dear all,

After some years without I'm getting back to video editing... I already 
searched quite a lot but it's really hard to find "realiable" information, so I 
decided to ask here:

- It seems that hw accel is not available in kdenlive 

- As far as I understand kdenlive uses mlt which uses ffmpeg. ffpmeg can use 
hardware acceleration for de- and encoding. So is mlt to "blame" for missing hw 
accel. in kdenlive?

- There has been a patch (bug 378832) "use of vaapi in transcoding and 
rendering" which seems to tackle my question. But what did it really change -
/ what is it for? I didn't find more info on that and it's in kdenlive 17.04, 
while Debian is at 16.12. and before I compile myself I'd like to get more info.

- Furthermore I found a thread on this list back in April "kdenlive and mlt 
nvenc enabled" covering the same topic but for nvidia instead of Intel 
graphics; unfortunately nobody reported back if it really works. For me it 
reads like the patch I mentioned above.

So regarding the current state of hw accel in kdenlive I'm still uncertain.

Thank you for your inputs.

Kind regards

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