-------- Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht --------
Von: Vincent Pinon <vpi...@kde.org> 
Datum: 08.08.17  14:47  (GMT+01:00) 
An: kdenlive@kde.org 
Betreff: PPA to test future 17.12 (timeline rewrite) 


I've finally finished the setup of a new PPA to test the future Kdenlive 17.12 
containing a "kdenlive-test" package that can coexist with a normal "kdenlive" 
package (17.04 or 17.08)...

The build lives in /opt/kdenlive-test
I forgot to install an icon to a standard path, so you have to create one or 
run the command: /opt/kdenlive-test/bin/kdenlive

As usual, I publish quickly before testing seriously, so be prepared for 
deception :-p
Don't hesitate to send me your remarks, and if you find it interesting, I let 
you share the info on your networks (reminding this is experimental software)...


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