Hi all,

The schedule for 18.04 is approaching quickly as the dependency freeze is in 5 weeks, which means we will need to merge to master in 4 weeks max.

Over the last weeks, I have been working daily to improve stability and features of the refactoring and I have just uploaded the latest version:


Regarding the blocker issues, finishing the slowmotion integration is the last major issue, as well as old project compatibility.

My plan is the following:
* Next week: finish slowmotion integration and reintroduce color picker in effect parameters.
* If everything goes well release a first beta on the 16th of February

After that I will only work on stability/compatibility improvements.

I hope that we can achieve enough stability by the end of next week, so we can decide on next café if everyone is ok with releasing that codebase to the masses.

Please test the latest AppImage and report important workflow blockers on the mailing list or phabricator: https://phabricator.kde.org/T7128

Recent changes in refactoring branch:

Best regards
Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

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