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2018-07-12 12:29 GMT-03:00 Dale Powell <dj_k...@hotmail.com>:

> Hello all.
> I reported almost a week ago that KDenLive has stopped working on my
> Ubuntu Studio 18.04 laptop on the forums to an astounding silence. This is
> a rather serious issue meaning the program can not even be started!! Can
> somebody please assist me on getting this fixed before I just give up with
> this software entirely despite it seeming to be the best video editor on
> Linux?

Sorry for the delay, currently all our efforts are on the refactoring
branch. You must state the version of Kdenlive and MLT so we can try to
debug better. A wild guess though, I'd say you are using a PPA or a version
from the repos, eitherway those are rather obsolete AFAIK. Have you tried
using the AppImage and see if that works? You can get it from here:


> https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=153147
> KDenLive wont start - free(): invalid pointer &bull; KDE Community Forums
> <https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=153147>
> using ubuntu this was working fine a few weeks ago last time i booted was
> only to check and try and help another member on the ubuntu forums and it
> forum.kde.org
> Regards Dale.

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