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--- Comment #1 from Denis Kurz <> ---
Martin, did you try to search in a specific folder only, without searching
globally before that? What you found might be the "cannot edit searches" bug.

Please try the following:
1. Restart kontact and akonadi (alternatively, do it after a fresh boot)
2. Start kmail, and immediately:
3. Search for messages containing some string in the subject (to be extra sure
not to hit other search-related bugs); limit this initial search to a specific
folder. Please be aware of the checkbox to control whether to look in
subfolders of the specified folder.
4. Take note of the search results
5. Edit the search to a global one that is not restricted to a specific folder.
6. Take note of the search results

>From the bugs I saw so far, the results from 4 and 6 should be the same.
However, it has nothing to do with restricting the search to some folders. It's
just that modifying existing searches seems to be broken.

Can you please try to confirm/reject my theory with a Framework-based (5.0 or
later) version of KMail?

Note to self: If I'm right, Bug 366682 and Bug 352472 are probably duplicates
of this one.

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