I was working with Marcin Siodelski and we found that kea gets a libmysqlclient segfault when it uses mysql host reservation with fname and sname options. Marcin did a patch that I applyed but stil failing

Marcin is on his deserved vacation and I want to advance forward in this issue / fix

If anyone want to get this with me, please write me.I attached to this email a zip file with:
- backtrace output
- kea-dhcp4.log (severity DEBUG verbosity 99)
- valgrind output
- dhcp4_srv.cc patched

Kea 1.2 (dhcp4 only for now)
Debian 8.9
Mysql server is running on same host with Kea.
libmysqlclient18:amd64                 5.5.55-0+deb8u1
mysql-server                           5.5.55-0+deb8u1
segfault appears some minutes after i started kea, segfault appears, but now return libmysqlclient: lt-kea-dhcp4[17492]: segfault at 451 ip 00007f299715716c sp 00007fff90b1d890 error 4 in libmysqlclient.so.18.0.0[7f2997124000+2b8000]

Settecase Juan
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