We have been rolling out Kea in our environment, but have run into a major 
snag, which is not being able to configure multiple subdomains for DDNS.  As we 
have been moving networks off of ISC DHCPD, we ran into this limitation.  
(We've moved networks with simple configurations first)
This limitation is discussed here:  http://kea.isc.org/ticket/5048#ticket

Our environment has many, many departments that use different subdomains and 
DDNS.  Please make an effort to include this in the software.  We are quite 
pleased with Kea up to this point, and would greatly appreciate the ability to 
specify multiple suffixes for DDNS.

Thank you,


Texas State University

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multi-subnet DDNS

Tobias - writes:
> First:
> I'm trying to put my virtual machines in a separate subnet. The 
> virtual mac= hines have the vendor prefix of 52:54:00.
> If I would do this in code, I would use AND to mask away the last 
> three oct= ets and then compare against 52:54:00:00:00:00 but I seem 
> to be unable to d= o that.
> Since I was unable to fnd an example for Kea, I tried to do what 
> people sug= gested for dhcpd since the expression looked similar to 
> what is availible i= n Kea, but it didn't work.

=> in theory a substring(pkt4.mac, 0, 3) does the jobs BTW you can debug 
classification expression (admin guide, 13.9. Debugging Expressions). It should 
explain why it does not work in your example.

> Second:
> How would I configure DDNS to have two qualifying suffixes? The two 
> subnets=  have different subdomains. I've been unable to find anything 
> that works so=  I'm still stuck only having DDNS for the first subnet.

=> Unfortunately it is not yet supported (it was recognized as an useful 
feature to add but no milestone was selected for this work and current one 
(1.4) is already fully booked).


Francis Dupont <fdup...@isc.org>
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