Kea users,

We're excited to have been selected as one of the participating mentor 
organizations in this year's Google Summer of Code program. 

Students have until March 12th to make a proposal to work on a Kea-related 
project.  If accepted, the student will spend the summer working on a project, 
mentored by an experienced ISC software engineer. Google provides a stipend for 
students, and the experience and exposure is invaluable.  If you know any 
computer science students who might be interested, please talk to them about 
applying for a Kea/GSOC project!

See the suggested Kea project ideas on the Kea wiki:  <>
For more information on how GSOC works:

We are hoping that you, the users on the Kea-users mailing list, will help 
support and advise any students accepted into the project for the summer by 
providing insights into your requirements and use cases.

Let’s hope we get some applicants!

Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium

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