Hello all.
I have an unusual situation and I was hoping for some inspiration. I'm sure 
that this will be entertaining as well, in a "WTF?" kind of way. I am trying to 
wean my company off ISC DHCPd to Kea for many reasons. The main hurdle is that 
the version of DHCPd that we use has been rather extensively ... modified 
(other adjectives come to mind. Ones such as "butchered". But I digress.) The 
best way to describe these changes is to describe the intended behaviour.
Our product is multi-tenanted. Each tenant has a bunch of devices (IP phones) 
that DHCP as expected and form part of our network plane. Many of these tenants 
have other devices that are also served DHCP addresses by our product. These 
devices are PCs, printers and whatnot. Their network traffic never crosses the 
router towards our systems.
Straightforward so far. Here's the wonky part: because these network segments 
are isolated, they can have overlapping IP ranges without conflict. In fact, 
the same IP address can be assigned to devices in different tenants.
I have argued that this behavior can be most charitably described as "bizarre" 
and that it anchors us to a particular version of DHCPd to no avail. I have no 
objection to writing hooks but I don't even know where to begin.
Any suggestions?
Rob Sutherland
Senior Product Developer - silhouette R&D | Windstream
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p: 613-280-2008 (Canada)
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