sonic3021 writes:
> I'm looking for a solution so that kea doesn't send the renew-timter and 
> rebind-timers. 
> I comment the parameter in config json file but the server also send thease
> options in default value
> I find some printer can't process the dhcp packet contain the option 58 and
> 59
> is someone have solution already ???  

=> it is a funny problem because the code only add these options when
timers have a value in the subnet configuration, and this is an impossible
condition because timers have default global values which are inherited
by subnets where they are not specified...

Unfortunately I am afraid the only solution is to attach a piece of code
on the pkt4_send hook point which simply removes these options
(bool delOption(uint16_t type); which is a Pkt method is your friend)
from the response4 parameter... Should take between 10 and 20 lines.


Francis Dupont <>
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