Hi Gokul,

Are you on KEA 1.0? We were and had the same problem.
In my case, the issue lied in KEA 1.0 was responding with unicast no matter 
what the client requested.

UEFI is a lot more strict in terms to getting reply as requested, otherwise it 
will ignore the DHCP packets. It is requesting broadcast, but get a unicast 
response, which from UEFI point of view is malformed.

Updating to KEA 1.3 fixed the issue for us. We then wrote a hook that can 
enforce unicast replies on certain subnets.


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Date: Monday, 16 April 2018 at 10.50
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Subject: [Kea-users] DHCP Offer Decline to UEFI Configured host

Currently, we are using Kea to assign IPs to my server and it works well. Now, 
we have configured UEFI on DELL Server and after that config, DHCP Offer is 
getting declined by the server. When I queried online, there was a change 
mentioned to change the boot filename and even that didn't help us in accepting 
DHCP Offer.
We just shifted back to dhcpd and things started working with UEFI config. Is 
there any known issue with UEFI-Kea? Do I need to change any config/DHCPOption 
to assign IP for DELL Server with UEFI config?

Thanks in advance,
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