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I try to restrict access to an IPv4 subnet via option 60. I have 3 different
devices that I want to allow in the same subnet. In the documentation I have
seen different scopes. Is it possible to configure 3 different devices in
the same subnet scope?

If yes can anyone send me a example how to do that ?


In the config File ggf. In class definitions I cant use logic operators like
AND OR etc… really need help with this. 


Im trying to doing something like this :


  // fuer Node 24



        "subnet": "",

        "pools": [{"pool": " -" } ],

//      "client-classes": [ "VENDOR_CLASS_TSATSTB", "VENDOR_CLASS_KTTSTB",

        "relay": { "ip-address": "" },

        "option-data": [


        { "name": "routers", "data": ""},

        //{ "name": "TVMotion_140", "code": 140, "data":","},

        //{ "name": "TVMotion_166", "code": 166, "data":","}

        { "name": "TVMotion_140", "code": 140, "data":""},

        { "name": "TVMotion_166", "code": 166, "data":""}






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