Hi Russ (and remctl users),

You are probably aware of overviewing management tools like Ansible,
Puppet and NixOps.  I wonder how remctl relates to those.  Are you (or
other users) aware of anyone combining them?

I do agree that it is a good idea to unite the powers of [rs]sh and sudo
into one beast, and tame only that one; there may be places where you
need to be too general when taming the two beasts separately, or where
too many intermediate "concepts" such as user accounts are needed to
manage it well.  In relation to this, Ansible seems pretty big on not
desiring "agents" on machines, but it sounds defensible to not call
remctl an agent (as it is not framework-specific):


I need to get into Ansible soon, in a Kerberos-related project, and I'm
wondering if it would do good or harm when rolling out remctl in that work.


Rick van Rein
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