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  SRU: bionic: apply 50 ZFS upstream bugfixes

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in zfs-linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in linux source package in Bionic:
  Fix Released
Status in zfs-linux source package in Bionic:

Bug description:
  SRU Justification, bionic

  Apply the first round of SRU bugfixes for ZFS from 0.7.5 onwards from
  upstream ZFS repository. This round fixes the following ZFS bugs:

      - OpenZFS 8373 - TXG_WAIT in ZIL commit path
        Closes zfsonlinux #6403
      - zfs promote|rename .../%recv should be an error
        Closes zfsonlinux #4843, #6339
      - Fix parsable 'zfs get' for compressratios
        Closes zfsonlinux #6436, #6449
      - Fix zpool events scripted mode tab separator
        Closes zfsonlinux #6444, #6445
      - zv_suspend_lock in zvol_open()/zvol_release()
        Closes zfsonlinux #6342
      - Allow longer SPA names in stats, allows bigger pool names
        Closes zfsonlinux #6481
      - vdev_mirror: load balancing fixes
        Closes zfsonlinux #6461
      - Fix zfs_ioc_pool_sync should not use fnvlist
        Closes zfsonlinux #6529
      - OpenZFS 8375 - Kernel memory leak in nvpair code
        Closes zfsonlinux #6578
      - OpenZFS 7261 - nvlist code should enforce name length limit
        Closes zfsonlinux #6579
      - OpenZFS 5778 - nvpair_type_is_array() does not recognize
        Closes zfsonlinux #6580
      - dmu_objset: release bonus buffer in failure path
        Closes zfsonlinux #6575
      - Fix false config_cache_write events
        Closes zfsonlinux #6617
      - Fix printk() calls missing log level
        Closes zfsonlinux #6672
      - Fix abdstats kstat on 32-bit systems
        Closes zfsonlinux #6721
      - Relax ASSERT for #6526
        Closes zfsonlinux #6526
      - Fix coverity defects: 147480, 147584 (Logically dead code)
        Closes zfsonlinux #6745
      - Fix coverity defects: CID 161388 (Resource Leak)
        Closes zfsonlinux #6755
      - Use ashift=12 by default on SSDSC2BW48 disks
        Closes zfsonlinux #6774
      - OpenZFS 8558, 8602 - lwp_create() returns EAGAIN
        Closes zfsonlinux #6779
      - ZFS send fails to dump objects larger than 128PiB
        Closes zfsonlinux #6760
      - Sort output of tunables in
        Closes zfsonlinux #6828
      - Fix data on evict_skips in
        Closes zfsonlinux #6882, #6883
      - Fix segfault in zpool iostat when adding VDEVs
        Closes zfsonlinux #6748, #6872
      - ZTS: Fix create-o_ashift test case
        Closes zfsonlinux #6924, #6877
      - Handle invalid options in arc_summary
        Closes zfsonlinux #6983
      - Call commit callbacks from the tail of the list
        Closes zfsonlinux #6986
      - Fix 'zpool add' handling of nested interior VDEVs
        Closes zfsonlinux #6678, #6996
      - Fix -fsanitize=address memory leak
        kmem_alloc(0, ...) in userspace returns a leakable pointer.
        Closes zfsonlinux #6941
      - Revert raidz_map and _col structure types
        Closes zfsonlinux #6981, #7023
      - Use zap_count instead of cached z_size for unlink
        Closes zfsonlinux #7019
      - OpenZFS 8897 - zpool online -e fails assertion when run on non-leaf
        Closes zfsonlinux #7030
      - OpenZFS 8898 - creating fs with checksum=skein on the boot pools
        fails ungracefully
        Closes zfsonlinux #7031
      - Emit an error message before MMP suspends pool
        Closes zfsonlinux #7048
      - OpenZFS 8641 - "zpool clear" and "zinject" don't work on "spare"
        or "replacing" vdevs
        Closes zfsonlinux #7060
      - OpenZFS 8835 - Speculative prefetch in ZFS not working for
        misaligned reads
        Closes zfsonlinux #7062
      - OpenZFS 8972 - zfs holds: In scripted mode, do not pad columns with
        Closes zfsonlinux #7063
      - Revert "Remove wrong ASSERT in annotate_ecksum"
        Closes zfsonlinux #7079
      - OpenZFS 8731 - ASSERT3U(nui64s, <=, UINT16_MAX) fails for large
        Closes zfsonlinux #7079
      - Prevent zdb(8) from occasionally hanging on I/O
        Closes zfsonlinux #6999
      - Fix 'zfs receive -o' when used with '-e|-d'
        Closes zfsonlinux #7088
      - Change movaps to movups in AES-NI code
        Closes zfsonlinux #7065, #7108
      - tx_waited -> tx_dirty_delayed in trace_dmu.h
        Closes zfsonlinux #7096
      - OpenZFS 8966 - Source file zfs_acl.c, function
        Closes zfsonlinux #7141
      - Fix zdb -c traverse stop on damaged objset root
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099
      - Fix zle_decompress out of bound access
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099
      - Fix racy assignment of zcb.zcb_haderrors
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099
      - Fix zdb -R decompression
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099, #4984
      - Fix zdb -E segfault
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099
      - Fix zdb -ed on objset for exported pool
        Closes zfsonlinux #7099, #6464

  == Regression Potential ==
    These fixes, much like kernel SRU fixes touch a range of functionality of 
ZFS so there is chance of regressions.  Testing will ensure core functionality 
works and there is minimized risk of lost of data and core functionality.  The 
above fixes have passed the zfsonlinux ZFS regression tests and the majority of 
the the fixes cleanly apply and those that didn't required a small amount of 
wiggling rather than full back-ports, so I'm confident these have are faithful 
applications of upstream bug fixes.

  == Testing ==
    Run ubuntu ZFS ADT regression tests in autotest-client-tests git 
repository. With the fixes, none of this should fail, hang or regress.

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