------- Comment From sathe...@in.ibm.com 2019-04-17 03:01 EDT-------
Tested on host with proposed kernel(4.15.0-48-generic #51) and the issue is 
fixed, this bug can be closed.

Host kernel: 4.15.0-48-generic #51
Guest Kernel: 3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.ppc64le
libvirt-bin                            4.0.0-1ubuntu8.8
qemu-kvm                               1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.12

Guest Mem: 400G

Guest console:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.6 (Maipo)
Kernel 3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.ppc64le on an ppc64le

localhost login: root
Last login: Wed Apr 17 02:54:58 on hvc0
[root@localhost ~]# ls
anaconda-ks.cfg  original-ks.cfg  perl5
[root@localhost ~]# free -g
total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            395           3         390           0           1         390
Swap:             4           0           4
[root@localhost ~]# lscpu
Architecture:          ppc64le
Byte Order:            Little Endian
CPU(s):                256
On-line CPU(s) list:   0-255
Thread(s) per core:    1
Core(s) per socket:    1
Socket(s):             256
NUMA node(s):          1
Model:                 2.2 (pvr 004e 1202)
Model name:            POWER8 (architected), altivec supported
Hypervisor vendor:     KVM
Virtualization type:   para
L1d cache:             32K
L1i cache:             32K
NUMA node0 CPU(s):     0-255
[root@localhost ~]# dmesg -l3
[root@localhost ~]#


You received this bug notification because you are a member of Kernel
Packages, which is subscribed to linux in Ubuntu.

  Ubuntu18.04.01: [Power9] power8 Compat guest(RHEL7.6) crashes during
  guest boot with > 256G of memory (kernel/kvm)

Status in The Ubuntu-power-systems project:
  Fix Committed
Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in linux source package in Bionic:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  == SRU Justification ==

  Rebooting a PowerPC VM with > 256G of memory results in a guest crash.

  == Fix ==

  Backport commit 46dec40fb741 ("KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Don't truncate
  HPTE index in xlate function").

  == Regression Potential ==

  Low. Fix is trivial.

  == Test Case ==

  Create a PowerPC VM with > 256G of memory and reboot it repeatedly.

  == Original description ==

  == Comment: #0 - Satheesh Rajendran <sathe...@in.ibm.com> - 2019-02-28 
04:38:22 ==
  ---Problem Description---
  Power8 Compat guest(RHEL 7.6) crashes during guest boot with > 256G of memory 

  Contact Information = sathe...@in.ibm.com

  ---uname output---
  Host Kernel: 4.15.0-1016-ibm-gt

  ii  qemu-system-ppc                                1:2.11+dfsg-
  1ubuntu7.8-1ibm3                                   ppc64el      QEMU
  full system emulation binaries (ppc)

  ii  libvirt-bin                                    4.0.0-1ubuntu8.6
  ppc64el      programs for the libvirt library

  Guest kernel: 3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.ppc64le (rhel7.6 zstream)

  Machine Type = power9 ppc64le

  ---Steps to Reproduce---
   1. Boot a power8 compat guest with memory >256G
  virsh define avocado-vt-vm1;virsh start --console avocado-vt-vm1 (guest xml 
sosreport attached)
  ----Guest crashes while booting

  2019-02-28 10:36:44.752+0000: starting up libvirt version: 4.0.0, package: 
1ubuntu8.6 (Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrha...@canonical.com> Fri, 09 Nov 
2018 07:42:01 +0100), qemu version: 2.11.1(Debian 
1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.8-1ibm3), hostname: cs-host-f37-ac922-3.pok.ibm.com
  LC_ALL=C PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin 
QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none /usr/bin/qemu-system-ppc64 -name 
guest=avocado-vt-vm1,debug-threads=on -S -object 
 -machine pseries-2.11,accel=kvm,usb=off,dump-guest-core=off -m 264192 
-realtime mlock=off -smp 256,sockets=256,cores=1,threads=1 -uuid 
f4e14f88-bf1b-4cc3-b6d6-958d514d6c18 -display none -no-user-config -nodefaults 
 -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=control -rtc base=utc -no-shutdown 
-boot strict=on -device qemu-xhci,id=usb,bus=pci.0,addr=0x3 -device 
virtio-scsi-pci,id=scsi0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x2 -device 
virtio-serial-pci,id=virtio-serial0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x4 -drive 
 -netdev tap,fd=28,id=hostnet0,vhost=on,vhostfd=30 -device 
-chardev pty,id=charserial0 -device 
spapr-vty,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0,reg=0x30000000 -chardev 
 -device virtio-balloon-pci,id=balloon0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x5 -msg timestamp=on
  2019-02-28 10:36:44.759+0000: 19598: info : libvirt version: 4.0.0, package: 
1ubuntu8.6 (Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrha...@canonical.com> Fri, 09 Nov 
2018 07:42:01 +0100)
  2019-02-28 10:36:44.759+0000: 19598: info : hostname: cs-host-f37-ac922-3
  2019-02-28 10:36:44.759+0000: 19598: info : virObjectUnref:350 : 
OBJECT_UNREF: obj=0x76d594111710
  2019-02-28T10:36:44.781703Z qemu-system-ppc64: -chardev pty,id=charserial0: 
char device redirected to /dev/pts/3 (label charserial0)
  2019-02-28T10:36:44.781945Z qemu-system-ppc64: warning: Number of SMP cpus 
requested (256) exceeds the recommended cpus supported by KVM (128)
  2019-02-28T10:36:44.781953Z qemu-system-ppc64: warning: Number of 
hotpluggable cpus requested (256) exceeds the recommended cpus supported by KVM 
  2019-02-28 10:37:18.060+0000: shutting down, reason=crashed
  2019-02-28T10:37:18.071969Z qemu-system-ppc64: terminating on signal 15 from 
pid 14056 (/usr/sbin/libvirtd)

  *Additional Instructions for sathe...@in.ibm.com:
  -Post a private note with access information to the machine that the bug is 
occuring on.

  == Comment: #3 - Satheesh Rajendran <sathe...@in.ibm.com> - 2019-02-28 
04:51:45 ==
  Possible Upstream fix: 

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