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  kdump-tools is unable to resolve DNS when systemd-resolved is used

Status in makedumpfile package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in makedumpfile source package in Bionic:
  In Progress
Status in makedumpfile source package in Disco:
  Won't Fix
Status in makedumpfile source package in Eoan:
  Fix Committed
Status in makedumpfile source package in Focal:
  Fix Released

Bug description:

  * Currently kdump is unable to handle domain name resolution due to
  the lack of "resolved" service in the kdump environment; this happens
  given the nature of reduced service load required in the kdump

  * Kdump currently relies on a systemd service approach - there are 2
  services, one being a configuration/load entity (kdump-tools.service)
  whereas the other is the crash dump service itself (kdump-tools-
  dump.service). Due to the complexity and risk in booting a machine
  after a kernel crash to collect kernel dump, it's expected kdump-
  tools-dump to load the minimal possible amount of services. In order
  to achieve that, kdump-tools-dump relies only in the sysinit and
  network-online targets.

  * The systemd DNS tool ("resolved") is not ready in the moment kdump-
  tools-dump service is up to collect the kernel dump; also, "resolved"
  depends on dbus.socket to work, so to have a fully functional DNS
  resolution we are hereby adding both services as dependencies for
  kdump-tools-dump, so the network dump functionality works with
  hostnames (not requiring anymore that users set IP raw addresses).

  * The attached SVG files (kdump.svg and regular_boot.svg) contains
  "systemd-analyze plot" outputs from a kdump-tools-dump and regular
  boot perspective. To collect the kdump data we manage to change the
  kdump-tools-dump service to load SSHd and also that required disabling
  the OneShot property of such service. With that data, one can check
  the services started/completed in each environment - it's possible to
  notice the absence of systemd-resolved when in kdump environment.

  * Notice this modification is being worked concurrently with other
  kdump-tools' changes in LP #1828596.

  [Test Case]

  1) Deploy a Bionic VM e.g. with uvt-kvm;
  2) Set-up console output in the guest;
  3) Install the kdump-tools package;
  4) Configure a network dump (SSH or NFS) using hostnames for the target 
  5) Perform the test dump (with 'echo c> /proc/sysrq-trigger') and watch the 
failure in name resolution,

  [Regression Potential]

  * The modifications hereby proposed are minimal and scope-constrained to 
kdump-tools package; it'll only affect the services loaded before 
kdump-tools-dump collecting service.
  A regression would then potentially fails kdump completion if one of the new 
services added to the kdump environment load (resolved and dbus.socket) fails 
to load and stalls/prevents the kdump service complete load.

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