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jforbes pushed a change to branch master
in repository kernel-tests.

        at  382d89f   kernel-tests: [PATCH] Add script shell wrapper to check 
if the wanted test was not tested for current version

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  f0a42c3   initial commit for fedorahosted tree
       new  f75d3f2   Create logs dir if it doesnt exist
       new  0e63754   Mention package requirements in documentation.txt
       new  6e3d89c   Add paxtest
       new  ea4eb46   first pass at paxtest results checking
       new  f9ca1d3   check for gcc.
       new  6c83311   Check randomisation
       new  b009213   Add simple utility to do root checking
       new  f7f8ed1   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  6f2e5b9   add another stack randomisation measurement test
       new  bc4bb00   ignore logs
       new  e075d43   look for new world-writable files in sysfs
       new  f76b812   Add libhugetlbfs tests
       new  71f1282   Fixup typo in libhugetlbfs test cleanup
       new  834c897   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  3a636e1   Run with MALLOC_CHECK_ and MALLOC_PERTURB_ unset
       new  59821e8   Add cachedrop test
       new  116fe93   Ignore vim swap files
       new  cef10d0   Add a path to invocation in sysfs-perms
       new  c7f1d4b   Add a test for excessive timer overhead.
       new  7e2ed1c   Add a performance target.
       new  23f0a08   Add initial modsign tests
       new  f12312e   Add performance mention in documentation.txt
       new  f014240   Add a blurb on performance directory
       new  5ce9008   Infrastructure clean up
       new  8ca7d87   Documentation on overall return
       new  1291c93   Add module check utility
       new  aaebe9c   Add utility to check for and install build dependencies
       new  583101a   Checkout and build LTP
       new  0ca76cd   Add some utility functions to create and mount loopback 
       new  27e4ea0   Add MM testcase script
       new  ff0349b   Add direct IO stress tests
       new  25db234   Add IPC stress tests
       new  b7cd5b4   Add fs stress tests
       new  d692374   Don't run direct IO test yet
       new  a638a98   Run ipc stress tests
       new  5934ca4   Make check_dep actually install stuff
       new  e9bbe34   Tell yum yes.
       new  46f16c5   ltp stress: Error cleanups
       new  8830d74   Pax should skip instead of fail on non x86_64
       new  b7a9137   Skip libhugetlbfs test temporarily
       new  0ab7c9d   Allow the actual test to skip if modsign is not enabled
       new  db39ba8   Logfile reformatting for better reporting
       new  07591b7   Add GPLv2 licensing information for testcase control 
       new  8118a1e   skip stack-randomness on 32bit
       new  d632c33   selinux-dac-controls test came from rhbz 1013466
       new  24bf68b   Check for SELinux before running paxtest
       new  748050c   Point users to the new kernel test frontend to submit 
       new  202b0ac   Add .txt extension to log file so firefox doesn't flub 
the mime type on upload
       new  d44e0fd   Changes for packaging and config
       new  d58176d   Fix selinux check
       new  eba7baf   Add leap second test and mq memory corruption tests
       new  e3ca1f8   Add rcutorture to stress tests
       new  a5d370c   Don't run stresspass by default
       new  2947f58   Add posix timer tests
       new  f58ed18   LTP git repository is on github now
       new  b651632   Add memfd test
       new  a8f3c0c   Add kselftest.h
       new  de3640d   Add auto submit script for FAS users
       new  360a778   Add config example for automatic submission of logs
       new  3196d39   Mention config.example if no .config is found
       new  b4e1da1   Fix typos found by Wouter Depypere
       new  9503946   A couple of fixes pointed out by Charles-Antoine Couret
       new  e9df946   Add test to validate secureboot signer
       new  eb972f3   Add introduction with mailing list info to documentation
       new  bbc0fd7   Adapt to status returned by upload
       new  655fa33   Use print() as a function for Python 3. [PEP 3105]
       new  ee59e49   Use repr() instead of backticks. [PEP 3099]
       new  e49d387   Fix exception handling syntax. [PEP-3110]
       new  b728667   Use input() instead of raw_input(). [PEP 3111]
       new  c4984e6   Remove extra parentheses
       new  366cb1a   Fix modsign test
       new  382d89f   kernel-tests: [PATCH] Add script shell wrapper to check 
if the wanted test was not tested for current version

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listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
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