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> Hello,
> I am interested in memory management unit of KVM.
> On KVM's website it is mentioned that, try LRU (currently FIFO) and
> analyse the performance.
> I want to do it as a final year B. Tech project ;but I have time
> limitation of 4-5 months.
> I have basic background of operating system and little bit about
> virtualization.
> I am eager to do this ;but I want to know that,
> 1. how much time does it take for new developer to implement thing like
> LRU?
> 2. Is it doable within 4-5 months?
> If it is NOT doable within 4-5 months then,
> Is their any project related to kernel development which I can do it
> within 4-5 months?
> I assure that, I will give my best
Memory Management is one of the hardest subsystem of the Linux kernel, it
take a few months to even grasp the concept of how it is managed and
converting it into useful code will take longer.
To get a taste of code

See, if you can understand what is going on around.

Also recommend to read to x86 memory management techniques and then Bovet
and Cessati's Chapter on Memory management.

Secondly, this list is not a list to find projects for kernel, it is to ask
specific doubts about concepts of kernel development and help in
understanding the code.

The general idea of starting with kernel is writing a small character or
block device driver as concept and writing a report about understanding of
kernel subsystem, it will form a good project. If not, try to fix a small
bug in the kernel. Even fixing a small bug, if you have not initiated
yourself to kernel programming will take time and effort.

Lastly before asking such questions, you should look around for relevant
articles, mailing list and possibly visit stackoverflow, because there must
be someone who has asked a similar question before.

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