I've been reading the source code for the ECI driver and discovered that 
it only applies to PCI devices, the IXXAT CAN-to-USB Compact (V1.0) is 
accessed through libusb, so please, ignore the ECI Kernel module that 
I've attached in the last email.


On 17-10-2016 08:43, Augusto Fraga Giachero wrote:
> Hello!
> I recently started a project that uses the CAN serial protocol using
> microcontrollers. I've got an IXXAT CAN-to-USB Compact (V1.0) adapter to
> help debugging the CAN bus. The manufacturer of this adapter provides
> the kernel driver and and userspace  libraries for Linux, but it uses a
> custom API (ECI) instead of SocketCAN (and I really need to use
> SocketCAN). The manufacturer also provides a SocketCAN driver but only
> for the CAN-to-USB Compact (V2.0), so it doesn't with what I have.
> I'm thinking in modifying the the SocketCAN driver to support the V1.0
> adapter, but I don't have any experience in kernel driver development.
> I've a solid C knowledge and a lot of experience in firmware development
> for microcontrollers. Can someone show me where to find relevant
> information regarding SocketCAN, USB drivers development? I don't know
> if this challenge is above my skills.
> I've attached both drivers and a patch for the usb-to-can_v2_socketcan
> that substitutes the "netdev->trans_start =" deference to
> "netif_trans_update(netdev);", so you can compile for kernels newer than
> 4.4.
> Thanks!

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