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> Which Linux kernel version have Year 2038 problem solved for Linux running
> on 32 Bit system.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem

Did you read references 15 through 17 on that page?

Also, the answer isn't a strict "Linux v5.91 fixes it" - the problem wasn't 
fixed in
one commit.  So for instance, some filesystems had 64 bit timestamps from
the very beginning, while there's probably at least one or two that still need 

And if your problem is that you've got some ancient ext2 file system images that
you have to keep around for forensic reasons, no kernel version is going to help
(And yes, that could happen - as part of my job, I've had to keep disk images 
for close to a decade due to ongoing legal action, and I've got users who need 
keep research data for 30 years due to grant restrictions).

So the *real* question here is - what data/hardware/whatever are you looking at
where the 2038 problem is possibly relevant?

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