On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 21:11:37 +0530, Muni Sekhar said:
> I’ve an audio hardware with eight audio engines and it supports
> “PCM/I2S Inputs , PCM/I2S Outputs, ADC (Analogue Line Inputs), DAC
> (Analogue Line Outputs), Digital Microphone” interfaces. All these
> interfaces are implemented on Xilinx FPGA image

Well, that's a stumbling block..

First question is, of course, "is this a PCI card, or USB, or something
weird that will need its own bus model"....

> existing sound driver(without platform driver) for reference. Does the
> Linux kernel already has sound driver to support this type of
> hardware?

> Can anyone point me the reference code for this?

It's very unlikely there's a "reference code" for an FPGA image (because,
by definition, an FPGA is subject to being tweaked and modified).

You'll need to talk to whoever created the Xilinx image, and find out whether
the ADC and PCM and all the rest are equivalent, or at least similar, to
existing drivers. If all those devices try *really* hard to look exactly like
every other AC97 device out there, you might get away with just adding your
device ID and let a driver claim it. If the ADC is some creeping-horror
creation of their own with an API different from any other ADC out there,
you're going to be in for a really bad time.

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