I need some help on QEMU environment setup for ARM so that I am very
my custom Linux Kernel changes for arm.
I know there are lots of references available on internet. Earlier I
spend lots of time and finally I could able to setup basic qemu
working but still I was not completely satisfied. No network access,
could not copy files, no graphics, multiple shells etc.

So, I wanted to hear from other developer how they setup and use qemu
I want someone to list step by step guide here. I think it is going to
be useful for others as well.

Basically, I am looking for the following:
1) Which kernel to choose for arm: versatile, or vexpress ?
2) Where to get the full pre-built rootfs image to use with about kernel ?
3) How to get even the Graphical interface with Qemu ?
4) How to setup networking with Qemu, so that I can transfer/scp file
from my host Ubuntu PC ?
5) How to launch multiple terminal with the same Qemu setup ?

If anybody have done this before please compile the steps here for
easy reference.

Thank You!


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