On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 03:48:52PM -0700, Joe Smith wrote:
> Thanks, Greg and Valdis.
> An RFC patch by definition is not intended for submission. In cases
> where the design is involved and the developer needs early input, why
> go through all the hassle. The community could say I do not like it
> and the whole effort would be useless. Once there is agreement then I
> can see the need for all patches to be conformant.

What do you mean exactly by "conformant"?  Why would you not write
"conformant" patches to start with?  You don't want to have to do double
the work by writing code in the wrong style first, and then having to go
back and rewrite it.

Anyway, be careful about RFC patches, you want to make it as easy as
possible for others to review your work, so don't give anyone an excuse
to _not_ read it.


greg k-h

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