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> > My main reason for not persevering with Kexi (I did try it a while
> > ago) is that it is effectively proprietary in the way it uses
> > databases.  You really can't share data between Kexi and other
> > applications.  I have, for example, a lot of sqlite3 databases created
> > by a DokuWiki plugin.  I'd love to be able to access and use them with
> > Kexi, but I can't.  I could import them into Kexi but then the
> > Dokuwiki plugin could no longer access them.
> >
> > Simply by making kexi databases have the unique .kexi suffix I believe
> > you are putting a lot of people off.  If one could at least *read* a
> > Kexi database directly it would help.
> Thanks for the notes Chris.
> Agree here and this is planned as a major new feature of Kexi 3, and
> has been discussed on the forum:
> https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=221&t=109559
> (Note, the Predicate component is now called KDb)
> Features such as importing SQLite filed won't be needed then:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125843
Excellent.  I think separating the 'actual data' tables from the
Kexi configuration is what's necessary.  I've used other applications
which seem to manage this OK.  I suppose it's easier with a database
server as opposed to sqlite because each app can create tables on the
server and there's little risk of them disappearing whereas sqlite
files might get moved or deleted.

> >>
> >> What exact features of simple table creation do you mean?
> >>
> > I want to be able to edit a table in place on a tabular form.  Table
> > creation I am quite happy to do by other means, I just want simple,
> > straightforward data entry the way that Access does it by default.
> >
> > Having created the table one is presented with a 'spreadsheet' form
> > where existing data is displayed (scrolling if required) and I can
> > edit existing entries directly and add new rows.  By default Access
> > shows a 'new entry' blank line at the bottom of the table.
> >
> > Editing entries needs to be very straightforward, just click on a
> > field and enter/delete text.  No pop-up forms, double-clicks or
> > anything.
> >
> That's the way of Kexi, right? Especially the "new record" line.
> Kexi: http://i.imgur.com/O1W6l4L.png
?? I went to the above URL and got what looks like a single field
entry in the middle of a blank screen.

> If I remember correctly there are no popups except one for asking
> about removing record(s) which is better handled in Kexi I think
> because there's a checkbox to dismiss the question for the future
> cases. In Access you need to use VBA or separate design mode options
> to disable the questions.
> Feel free to explain what is exactly missing in the area of data
> entry/editing as this is very important part of Kexi.
> The only difference to Access is that Kexi is closer to spreadsheets
> when editing a cell: you need to 2xclick or press F2 to edit existing
> value. This difference is a result of observation that navigation and
> copying/pasting of data is much easier.

I think that's one thing I don't like, I *HATE* double-click in all
its forms.  I want to just click in field and start typing, also I
expect to be able to TAB to the next field with no mouse interaction
needed at all.

Chris Green

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