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> On 04/15/2016 11:10 AM, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
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> 2. Will the version of Kexi which is included have the following features:
> -Ability to add rows to the middle of a table which is already in
> existence
> I see how it may be usable. It's not supported now.
> Database table is not a spreadsheet's sheet, so the order is defined
> by current sorting, for given column, based on contents. Even if we
> have this feature, placement of a new row would be kept until another
> sorting or re-opening the table view. This my be the reason why I know
> no software that supports the feature.
> MS Access has this feature, and has had it for many, many years.

Can you please send a screenshot, long to documentation or a video?
All I see is that order is unspecified. I can reorder rows only for
spreadsheet mode, which is for example the one in Table Designer or
Query Designer. Data Table shows just that:


> features I asked about are long-held features of MS Access. I migrated from
> Windows to Linux ten years ago and have been with Linux systems ever since,
> but these features of MS Access are things I sorely miss. My brother also
> works on Ubuntu on his Mac, and has installed Parallels (virtual software)
> so he could install Windows, just so that he could use MS Access.
> -Ability to add columns to the middle of a table which is already in
> existence
> Yes, it has been available for a long time. But table is recreated
> then from scratch without prior data.
> We're collecting funds for this big development:
> https://www.bountysource.com/issues/26881135-add-support-for-alter-table-s-design-without-losing-data
> It it destroys all the data, the feature is of no use. Again, this has been
> a standard feature of MSA for many, many years.

As long term MSA user I don't argue with anything you write here.

I just claim the feature costs many thousands, not an evening :)
If nobody can step up it would end up as a paid extension _if_ there's
market for it: someone has to hire developers that will deliver that.

> One can do any sort of
> manipulation of an MSA table: rearrange rows, rearrange columns, rename
> columns, add new rows and columns in the middle of pre-existing tables,
> highlight and copy-paste sections of the table and past it in other sections
> of the table. The MSA table is so fluid and flexible. And it is this very
> maneuverability that Liinux users still write about and lament the loss of
> when they moved to Linux.
> -Ability to change the name of a column in an existing table. (Currently
> this requires going into the data view, with the warning that making any
> changes will wipe out all the data in the table)
> It's unsupported like the above.
> -Ability to move existing rows/columns in a table which is already in
> existence
> This wish is reported, feel free to vote for it.
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=361362
> My intent here was not at all to rub Kexi's nose in the dirt; I know you are
> working hard and I appreciate the progress you've made. I only raised the
> subject as you said you'd never seen any DB software that has the row-adding
> feature. In my mind, if I have to describe the ideal DB software today
> though, it does still remain MSA. If you are able to replicate the amazing
> features in MSA, you will have truly created an amazing tool for Linux
> users.
> Swarup

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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