Hallo Jaroslaw
> Sorry to bother you with maybe a easy question. I'm very new to databases,
> so I don't understand alot at this moment, but I'm working on it. I am a
> part time sheep farmer. I want to "write" myself a database in regarding
> with my sheep. I've got one table (called Sheep) and one called Lambs. It's
> created and has data in it, even get it wright to make a query between a ewe
> and her lambs:). Busy creating a form but now I'm stuck. I want to update
> the lambs-table with newborns data, but at the same time I want the data to
> be appended to the "main" table Sheep. I made a separate table for lambs,
> because I need that information also alone. How do I do that? Another thing
> when I render the design of a table it deletes the records, not a problem,
> because I first export the data to a .txt file, but everytime when I import
> the data again, it doesn't import the dates - why? Thanks for your help,
> appr it a lot.
> Kind regards
> Johan Coetzer

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