Thank you.

Please note:
On my computer, toggling the Al+0 alternatively shows and hides the list of tables.
Alt+x doesn't do anything.

On 5/3/19 5:33 PM, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
Hi Swarup
It's "Show Project Navigator" - Alt+0.

Below I am sharing a few related shortcuts:

Activate Project Navigator - Alt+X
Show Property Editor - Alt+3
Activate Property Editor - Alt+-
Switch to Global Search - Ctrl+K

Our handbook definitely needs major update - volunteers needed for that. 
(CCd Juan, maybe you have ideas Juan? Appreciated!)

On Fri, 3 May 2019 at 22:38, Swarup <> wrote:
I am using Kexi Version 3.1.0. In earlier versions there used to be a way to collapse the list of tables on the left of the open table in data view, so as to have more room for the open table. I am not seeing any option for that now. Is there a way to do it?


regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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