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> I am using Kexi Version 3.1.0. In earlier versions it was the case that if
> one were to go into design view and change the settings, such as the
> setting for the number of characters allowed in each cell, the program
> would delete all the data in the table. Is that still the case?

Hello Swarup
Thanks for the question. For quite long time already (3.0?) KEXI does not
require removal or recreation of the table if modified property is of such
non-fundamental kind. So no worries here.

> I would very much like to increase the number of characters allowed in
> each cell, or remove the limit altogether. But cannot afford to lose my
> data.
Also no worries here. If removal or recreation of the table is required
KEXI _always_ tells you that and asks for confirmation prior to the change.
You then have the opportunity to abandon changes made to the project

PS: Sorry, I've been away from keyboard for several days.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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