I push your patch to master.  In the future, please format your patches
with git format-patch.  I would rather not have to write the commit
messages myself.  It makes my life a lot easier.



On 9/15/2016 10:25 PM, Collin Anderson wrote:
> macOS Sierra has removed QuickTime entirely (because Apple needs to break at 
> least one thing every major OS revision).  This prevents wxWidgets from 
> compiling at all, and as of right now, there is only a workaround, but a true 
> upstream fix will require rewriting portions of wx to use AVKit, which is 
> more or less the replacement for QuickTime, instead. 
> KiCad doesn't use any parts of wx involved, so the work around seems to be 
> fine for us.  I am using the latest commit of KiCad on 10.12 as I write this, 
> with this patch applied, and I'm not having any problems (at least new ones 
> anyway).
> The workaround is this patch (which is not a direct copy of the upstream fix, 
> which simply removes the include entirely.  I made it where if this patch 
> gets applied, it won't effect anything except when being built against the 
> 10.12 SDK).  Additionally, wxWidgets configure must be given the 
> --disable-mediactrl flag.  This is a temporary workaround, but as far as I 
> know, KiCad doesn't use that control? 
> Anyway, it isn't really an issue as long as you build for an SDK earlier than 
> 10.12, but just putting this on the mailing list for reference.  
> Thanks!
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