As was bought up in irc today coroutine/context is causing issue(s) on
osx relating to the add text to pcb as seen in

After spending way too long over the weekend debugging this issue it
seems that JSC which is apparently related to webkit is trying to do
garbage collection, and to do that it needs to walk the stack.

this causes issues with the coroutines/contexts and the stacks it creates.

in this case the following options are possible

1) get JSC to be smarter (see ) which pretty much
kills that option

2) create yet another patch for wxwidgets that on osx at least makes
wxTE_RICH or wxTE_RICH2 flags instead of assuming wxTE_MULTILINE is
rich see: )
as this would be a breaking change i am not sure it would make it into
any wxwidgets 3 version, and ideally it would be nice if most if not
all of the current wx patches were unnecessary for 3.2

3) context changes, as suggested by decimad (don't have his real name
in front of me) to have that modal dialog run off the main context

4) as commented on very briefly by wayne replace boost::context with events

I have pushed this to the list so there is a long-term record.

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