The msys2 project rejected my ngspice-git package build pull request
[1].  Apparently they don't want another git flavor of an existing
package and would prefer that the existing ngspice package be patched.
I honestly don't blame them.  Since I'm not sure which patch fixes
ngspice and I've spent way more time on this than I wanted to, I'm
deferring this issue to Orson since he made the decision to make ngspice
a build dependency.  I'll leave my ngspice-git-package branch on my
github clone of the mingw packages[2] for devs to experiment with the
latest ngspice code if they feel the need.  Given that this seems to be
an ongoing issue, I may create a new policy that if you add a new build
dependency you cannot commit it to the product repo until it works
across all platform without having to build from source.  Choose your
dependencies wisely.


On 9/19/2016 9:22 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 9/19/2016 1:04 AM, Nick Østergaard wrote:
>> Spiced windows builds are not yet performed, mostly because I saw those
>> issies with it and it seemed like someone were trying to make a ngspice
>> pkgbuild.
> Orson made the original ngspice pkgbuild for the latest stable release
> of ngspice but the issue was found after the fact.  I just hacked up a
> version of it to clone from the ngspice git repo.
>> But now, I guess we can start to enable it.
> Thanks Nick.  It would be nice to get as much testing on this as
> possible before the next stable release.  Windows users represent a
> large portion of our user base so that's a lot of extra testers.
>> Den 19/09/2016 02.23 skrev "Wayne Stambaugh" <
>> <>>:
>>     I just submitted a pull request[1] for a new ngspice-git package for the
>>     msys2 project so you can build the latest version of ngspice from the
>>     head of the project git repo.  This will allow you to build a version of
>>     ngspice that resolves the know simulation issues in the current stable
>>     release of ngspice.  I also grab the latest documentation in pdf format
>>     from the ngspice website since AFAIK you cannot build the latex
>>     documentation from source on msys2.  If you can't wait for the msys2
>>     project to accept the pull request, you can grab the PKGBUILD file from
>>     the ngspice-git-package branch of my fork [2] of the mingw packages.
>>     Are we enabling spice on windows nightly builds yet?  I haven't had time
>>     to look.  If not, this should make life easier.
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