Strontium <> writes:

> On 11/10/16 09:27, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:


>>    I can't think of any valid case
>> where you would want unconnected (floating) or partially connected (1
>> connection) vias or vias that short different nets together.  If you can
>> think of one, please elaborate.
> No a via floating or otherwise should never validly short different
> nets. 100% agree.

There are of course "net ties" which can be exactly this.

(Sorry if that is covered elsewhere, can you make a net tie component
like that? I don't know kicad well.)

> Single ended vias and traces, yes i believe there is a reason they
> should be able to exist.

Maybe an "access via" for manual soldering of a thermal pad under a QFN?
Usually it would go to a ground plane though.



John Devereux

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