Some comments on you patches:

The KiCad project has a coding policy[1], please follow it.


Use wxFileConfig to read and write the config files.  Your c++ solution
is inconsistent within your own patches as well as KiCad in general.

Why would you use .cpp, .cxx, and *.h file dialog wildcards for config
file extension filtering?  wxFileConfig defaults to .ini but I believe
you can change that if you prefer.  Wildcards for .ini and .cfg make
more sense.  You should always include all file extension wildcard as a
fallback in case someone changes the extension.

I personally don't have much use for this but others may find it useful
so if there is some support for it, I would considered merging it into
KiCad once the issues above are addressed.



On 10/11/2016 7:00 PM, Dino Ghilardi wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Attached there is a patch to add the save function for the configuration
> of the print dialog.
> Often I need to generate prints from combined layers to have documents
> for production and selecting every time the right combination of layers
> and features is error prone and cumbersome, so
> I added the save and load functions to that dialog in order to save a
> 'configuration file' with the status of all the commands in the print
> dialog.
> In this patch .ini files are used, but every comment is welcome about a
> better extension name.
> In this patch no default path is used for configuration files to give
> maximum flexibility, but may be a default path is better since an user
> tends to use the same configuration for all his works..
> Bye,
> Dino.
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