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> On 2018-02-04 05:53 AM, Simon Richter wrote:
>> On 30.01.2018 16:01, Augusto Fraga Giachero wrote:
>> I've been designing schematics with some stm32 parts using the standard
>>> Kicad libraries, and a lot of these microcontrollers has 10+ functions
>>> multiplexed in each I/O pin.
>> [snip]
>> That is one of the reasons why I started on the pin table.
> Support for multifunction pins would be nice to have. I have seen a
> similar problem with the ATMEL AVR parts in the libraries. The symbols are
> very wide so that all the pin functions can be listed for each pin.
> --

With todays chips there is simply no room for all pin functions. I get by
simply with those functions that are active during the chips power-on
Reset. With FPGAs those function names come from the design so
you have to customize the symbol for each bit image and forget about doing
a large chip in a single symbol, partial symbols are the norm.

John Eaton
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