No worries, Michael.  I can even do the canvas selection changes if you want me 


> On 19 Feb 2018, at 18:21, Michael Kavanagh <> wrote:
> On 19 February 2018 at 12:26, Jeff Young <> wrote:
>> I’m glad we got the new menu structure in, because some of the issue will 
>> only be uncovered with a bit of use.
>> I’ve found the first one, but I’ve got a meta-question first:
>> Michael, do you want to do the modifications for any issues that we find?  
>> Or do you have limited bandwidth?
> I'd be happy to do them, but I am currently in my final year of
> university and writing my thesis.. so that has to take priority. I
> just wanted to help fix up the UI/UX a bit before the v5 release,
> mainly focusing on the menu bars and maybe reorganising the top
> horizontal toolbars if there was time.
>> On to the issue:
>> The canvas options got put under a Display Settings  sub-menu.  We were 
>> trying to re-inforce the notion that they’re different toolsets, not just 
>> display settings, so they need to go back up to the top-level Preferences 
>> menu.
> I can fix this after the Footprint Editor tweaks are agreed.
>> In that vein "Legacy Graphics" should be "Legacy Toolset".
>> And "Modern Toolset (Accelerated Graphics)" would be much more descriptive 
>> (admittedly at the expense of some verbosity).
>> I’m torn between whether they should share the menu-section with "Display 
>> Options…" or not.  I think I’d lean towards yes as they are highly-related….
> I think they should be in the same section, under Display Options...
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