Playing with the tool some more, I can see that Andrzej is right.  There
are a number of missing features in the polygon tool that exist in the zone
editor.  Adding corners is a large one.

If you have an existing non-copper zone, it seems you can keep it, change
its layer, add cut-outs, etc.  Even duplicate to create a new one.  But you
can't draw a brand new one.


2018-02-23 17:07 GMT-08:00 Andrzej Wolski <>:

> Was it ever possible to run the fill algorithm (meaning, only fill in
>> parts of a polygon outline, based on some clearance to other items on the
>> same layer) on a non-copper zone?
> No, I didn't mean it was already possible.
> Seth, yes I see that dialog too in old builds, but the outline appearance
>> doesn't do anything (because non-copper zones are always shown filled, not
>> with an outline)
> Zones on paste layer shown in outline::
> Andrzej
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