Attached a small project to observe the problem/test the patches. There
are two libraries inside:
- slash.lib contains one symbol with '/' in its LIB_ID
- slash_conflict.lib contains two symbols that result in a LIB_ID clash
(RELAY_Hongfa_HF115F/012-1H3T and RELAY_Hongfa_HF115F_012-1H3T).

Normally you can use slash.lib, but if you want to check what happens in
case of a conflict, then use the other one.

On 03/06/2018 02:55 PM, Maciej Sumiński wrote:
> I am trying to find a reasonable way to handle symbol and components
> with invalid characters in their LIB_IDs (see bug report #1752419 [1]).
> While now it is impossible to create such LIB_IDs, we need to handle
> documents that had been created before the restriction was introduced.
> LIB_IDs in SCH_COMPONENTS will have illegal characters replaced on load,
> but it is not the case for LIB_{PART,ALIAS} classes. Due to that:
> - Symbol-component links are broken (e.g. component with LIB_ID
> 'Test/Name' will change to 'Test_Name', but the corresponding LIB_PART
> will remain 'Test/Name'.
> - It is impossible to place/edit such symbols.
> The simplest solution is to process LIB_{PART,ALIAS} LIB_IDs in the same
> way as id done for SCH_COMPONENTs, so they become valid names that match
> SCH_COMPONENTs using them (see the attached patches). There are two
> drawbacks:
> - Changing names that user had previously assigned, which might be
> annoying if LIB_IDs are used e.g. to create BOMs. Personally I would use
> the value field that accepts all characters for this purpose.
> - Naming conflicts may occur (e.g. both 'Test/Name' and 'Test:Name' will
> be changed to 'Test_Name', but I believe it is a rare case.
> Any thoughts? I believe a more elegant solution will be implemented once
> the new schematic file format is ready.
> Cheers,
> Orson
> 1.
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