Sorry for posting this, AND also posting a bug report, but i know you guys are close to releasing a V5 and i have been testing RC2 from nightly PPA and have hit two bugs which would be show stoppers for me, and make me want to go back to V4.

First one is a problem with Zone refills using DRC.

If I have a zone, and place a via or track over it from another net.  And then do a DRC, but select "Refill all zones..." then the DRC proceeds without error, and says it refilled the Zone.

However, a visual inspection of the board shows, no the zone did not refill and the via and zone now clash because they are not the same net, but there is no DRC violation.

Thats what it looks like. But what is really happening is the zone is being recalculated, and the DRC is passing because the Zone does now actually flow properly around the net overlapping it. BUT what happens is the board is not redrawn to show the new zone outline.  Zooming around the board, etc, does not cause it to redraw either.  The only ways i have found to make it redraw is to manually select the zone for editing, or to press "B"

Its a highly disconcerting problem, because the board that kicad "understands" and the one it "displays" are out of sync.

The effect is obvious when one does a 3d render of the board, because that shows the board that kicad understands, even though in the pcb editor its shown as not that.  as shown here:

the other problem i will post separately.


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