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2018-03-01 5:00 GMT+01:00 Seth Hillbrand <>:

> Oops! Noticed that 1+2 should have been in the same patch (fixing my own
> bug there)
> I've squashed them down to three patches.
> -S
> 2018-02-28 16:52 GMT-08:00 Seth Hillbrand <>:
>> ​Attached are 4 patches for various alignment issues.
>> The first fixes where pads
>> are moved despite being locked.
>> The second is a bugfix where aligning in the X direction moved things in
>> the Y direction.
>> The third is a bugfix for when you select both a pad and the pad's parent
>> module before aligning.
>> The fourth is not a bugfix and, as such should be considered highly
>> optional at this point.  But it fixes an annoyance when aligning a group of
>> things to their centers.  I can never tell which item will be chosen for
>> the center as currently it chooses the "centermost" item.  If you have
>> 10-20 mostly-aligned items, it's very hard to tell which will be the
>> center.  You need to move about half to one side and about half to the
>> other before aligning.  Or align, check the value and do a second move.
>> Instead, this chooses the left-most for X-center and top-most for
>> Y-center.  You can then move one item into place and align the others to
>> it.  Delaying this has no affect of the other patches, so I'm happy to hold
>> it for post-5.​
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