Chris, your example link is dead but I'll use my imagination here.

1) I like the idea of making it more obvious.  For 5, could we just add a

2) I think that the extra step of only selecting the number is extraneous.
Since we default to the document units, it doesn't matter if the user
removes the units when typing.

3) Long term, I like the way SolidWorks handles this issue (see attached).
When there are no units in the box, it adds a drop-down underneath that
shows which units it accepts.  When there are valid units, the box is not
shown.  When there are invalid units the text color changes.  Right now, we
simply ignore units that are mistyped or that we don't know.


2018-03-13 9:18 GMT-07:00 Jeff Young <>:

> Hi Seth,
> Cheers,
> Jeff.
> On 13 Mar 2018, at 15:39, Seth Hillbrand <> wrote:
> Hi Jeff-
> I can't find which bug report this can you send the link?  I'm not sure
> that I follow what the issue is and I'd like to understand the problem it's
> addressing.
> Thanks!
> -S
> 2018-03-13 2:58 GMT-07:00 Jeff Young <>:
>> There’s a wishlish item to make support for typed-in units more
>> discoverable.
>> I think the easiest way to do this is to adopt a policy of removing unit
>> static-texts following a value textCtrl in favour of displaying the current
>> units in the text.
>> If the user clicks into the control and types only a number, we’ll assume
>> current units and display them with the value when the textCtrl loses focus.
>> We already have all the code to support this.  I can clean up existing
>> dialogs when I fix them for the eradication of g_UserUnit.
>> Thoughts?
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