Miles Mccoo might have some new info regarding Phoenix 

    On Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 13:55, Nick Østergaard <> wrote:

 FYI, it has been a problem on fedora for years. So it was not an issue on arch 
I guess there are multiple approaches to address this issue.1. Platforms can 
disable the wxpython scripting option which will get rid of the footprint 
wizards and the python console.2. Hack wxpython with gtk2 to be  co-installable 
with a wxpython with gtk3 on major platforms that have upgrade to gtk3 as 
default. The issue here being Move to wxpython phoenix which 
should be able to be co-installed with different build configurations. This is 
a big task because of the move from SWIG to SIP and no one really got it 
working right yet, as far as I understand.
2018-04-10 13:35 GMT+02:00 Maciej Sumiński <>:

It seems the easy solution to me too. I just wonder how many people rely
on the Python shell or GUIs done with wxPython.

On 04/10/2018 01:32 PM, Jeff Young wrote:
> I never got KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON to work on my Mac, and I can’t say I’ve 
> missed it.
>> On 10 Apr 2018, at 12:26, Maciej Sumiński <> wrote:
>> Apparently mixing wxWidgets-gtk2 and wxPython-gtk3 [1] is not only an
>> Arch issue anymore, as the upcoming Ubuntu release (bionic) also
>> provides wxPython package built against gtk3 [package: 2, bug report: 3].
>> There are two things we can do to fix the problem for v5:
>> - Backport python-wxgtk3.0 package built against gtk2. This way
>> everything works as it used to be, but only for the nightlies. For the
>> official release the users would be forced to add a PPA providing the
>> backported package and it sounds troublesome.
>> - Disable KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON, as there is still available
>> libwxgtk3.0 package [4] build against gtk2. The drawbacks are that the
>> Python shell in pcbnew and scripts taking advantage of wxPython to
>> display a GUI will not work anymore.
>> In other news: Ubuntu bionic also ships wxPhoenix [5].
>> Cheers,
>> Orson
>> 1. kicad/+bug/1747677
>> 2. bionic/python-wxgtk3.0
>> 3. kicad/+bug/1762432
>> 4. bionic/libwxgtk3.0-0v5
>> 5. bionic/python3-wxgtk4.0
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