That sounds like a bug (if there is invalid data like that, we should deal
with it in a better way)
It sounds like it might be easy to make a trivial test case to attach to a
bug report without using your employer's board as-is
(maybe by removing everything manually from the kicad_pcb file except for
the hole in question and the board outline?)

I can't take a look at this right this moment, but I could in the next few
days if no one else jumps on it first.


On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:35 PM, Michael McCormack <> wrote:

> This might not be quite the right place to post this, but, I've found
> something that is a slightly problematic with Kicad and board file.  I have
> a PCB that has a NPH hole located off the board, I can't see it or select
> it inside PCBNew, however, it gets a hole in the gerbers and I can find it
> in the kicad_pcb file if I open the file with a text editor.
> As it is my employer's board, I can't see them being OK with me creating a
> bug report and posting the board file for just anyone to see; but, as I
> have used Kicad myself probably a decade I'd send it to someone to evaluate
> if it would help the project.
> Is anyone interested?
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