For those of you who use these tools, I've added a couple of optional cmake
flags to integrate them more easily.


You can use either or both or neither flags.  These default to off, so this
should not affect you unless you use these tools.

If you do use these tools to speed up your compiles, there are two benefits
over the various environment-based methods of using them.  First, cmake
will intelligently use them when testing during its feature-test, so you
don't get OpenGL errors (if you did) when configuring.

Second, it does a better job of detecting elements that can run
concurrently.  My testing shows about a 25% improvement in compile time
from scratch.  Your mileage will vary depending on how many machines are in
your distcc cluster.

If you currently use DISTCC/CCACHE as a re-mapped option using paths, you
will need to remove the CCACHE path from your $PATH environmental variable
before testing with the new flags turned on.

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