Hi Dick, Thanks for the reply. 

> I have not seen support for this compiler in the makefiles.  


> Do you realize what the quality level is for the GCC compiler suite
> that Kicad uses as standard?  

I don't know much about the recommended compiler but I did download 
it and will use it if I need to.

I mainly develop using Borland tools for Java, C# and Pascal 
languages. I was hoping that if I could "import" Kicad into Borland 
CPP builder then everything would be under one IDE and I could tryout 
the possibilites of integrating parts of Kicad into other 
applications written in other languages. 

It's more out of interest at the moment as I have no real need to use 
any CAD package and don't want to learn a new compiler suite if I can 
avoid it for now. 

But in the future I may need CAD so would like to try things out 
early on if I can and I thought the Borland route would be the 
easiest way for me.

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