It's a nice amp. You'll like it.   I taped it in 1980
or so.  Just like everyone else, I made subtle
A couple notable ones: metal film resistors where
possible.  10 turn pot for bias adjustment.  I added
audio ramping and thump supression as well.

The power supply makes a big difference in the sound. 
I used a 20 AMP constant voltage transformer and the
AMP sounded great and the hum was horrible.  I then
changed to a somewhat under rated quad custom made
torroidal transformer and the AMP was quieter, but not
as bassey.

I accidently mad a mirror image of the board and
because the design is so symmetric, I was able to use
it with a few external changes and switching the NPN
and PNP transistor positions.

Go for it.

--- j3r3m3l33 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Has anyone KiCAD'ed this amp:
> (
> The second link's author said he did it in Eagle.
> By all accounts is a nice unit when built. I've
> asked
> the author where to get manufactured PCBs but no
> reply
> yet. So failing that, unless someone here has
> already
> entered the design into Kicad, then I might do it
> and
> post the result.

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