> I've never seen or heard of one that used 'thou'.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the term, 'thou' is defined as:

"an alternate name for what Americans call a mil: a unit of distance
equal to 0.001 inch (25.4 micrometers). This name originated in Britain,
but it is now common in the U.S. also." -
http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/dictT.html (University of North Carolina)

So although I accept (from our discussion here) that 'mil' appears to be
more widely used than 'thou', my (British) engineering background means
that 'mil' is 'millimetres' first, 'milli-inch' second.   It's like the
word 'pants', which to me is underware first (UK meaning), and an outer
garment for the lower part of the body second (US meaning).   I could
avoid this issue altogether by using my preferred measurement system,
which is metric.   However when I switch kicad to metric I get
unfriendly grid choices, such as 0.127mm.   Since it looks like 'mil' is
more widely used to mean thousandths of an inch, is there a way of
getting kicad to give me rational metric grid options, so I can work
purely in metric without immediately hitting a brick wall?

BTW, this US vs UK vs the world business leaves a bad taste in the
mouth.   This isn't a battle, it's a matter of the same word having
different meanings in different parts of the world.


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