This will help you with Python:

On Friday 09 November 2007 10:45:43 pixostat wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I'm new user on kicad-users. I use KiCad from last few months, now its
> time to start using scripts wrotten in Python. I downloaded latest
> TTConv package, but I don't now how to play with those nice scripts.
> What should I do to start using Python scripts with KiCad? Somebody
> can help me and explain how to do that?
> I have little experience with Python and Scribus - but Scribus has got
> special tools in menu to start and test scripts - my KiCad hasn't
> those features...
> My platform is: WinXP SP2 Proffesional PL
> Installed KiCad 2007-07-09 Unicode
> Installed Python 2.5.1
> Installed PIL 1.1.6 for Python 2.5
> Downloaded TTConv02-020807 Sorgenti
> P.S.
> Sorry for my English :(

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