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Subject: Re: [kicad-users] Tools for Cadence / Mentor footprint symbols formats 
conversion to Kicad

V M wrote:
> I am a brand new user of Kicad impressed from the very short time that has 
> been necessary to
> start working.
> I am going to use in a project two ICs produced by Texas Instruments, that 
> gently has on its
> website the possibility to download their footprints in three formats:
> ** Cadence Allegro v13.6+
> ** Mentor Boardstation v8.7+
> ** Mentor PADS-PowerPCB v3.5+
> Could anybody suggest me a tool capable to convert one of this formats in the 
> one used by Kicad ?
> Thank you very much,
> Valerio.

You will find that they are industry standard foot prints - most will be in 
kicad Libs already (lots 
out there on the web ) there is also a tool to convert all the Eagle footprints.

There is also a free software tool from IPC that lets you tweak footprint 
patterns for different 
compromises (density vs reliability). footprints from the manufactures might be 
optimized in a way 
that doesn't fit your goals. Surface mount processes can be picky on fine pitch 
- avoid using 
no-lead processes if at all possible ( Europes ban of lead in solder is not 
based on sound science 
anyway - the lead leaching from landfills is from crushed CRTs - not circuit 

BTW - there are several auto-routers that kicad works with - I use different 
ones depending on the 

Anyway - if you have more questions - it probably belongs on the kicad mailing 

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