Hi Bernd,

I currently print to a pdf creator and send a single sheet to the printer then. 
It works but it costs time and comfort.

Please, software designers, put this printing menu item back again. I like the 
clearer graphics of the latest version and don't want to go back. Also, the 
microwave tool is great!

Best regards,
Tom alias DG8SAQ

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> Hello Tom.
> > 
> > I am not talking about board layout but about the schematic. The schematic
> > can be spread over many hierarchical pin sheets (NOT layers!) and if I
> > modify one I do not want to print out all. How to do this?
> Of course, i miss this, too.
> But there is a workaround. Open the Schematic of the Subschematic by using 
> Eeschema > file > open > Path/name of your subschematic.
> Now you are yousing this subschematic as 2mainschematic alone.
> Perhabs you have to add the librarys or the cache-library to your library 
> list.
> Helps saving print paper and ink. ;-)
> I like to work with subschematics. But if a schematic has to be changed, 
> sometimes it would also be nice not to ad only hierarchical sheeds, but also 
> a sheed aside / at the same level. But i think, this is a nibor problem.
> With best regards: Bernd Wiebus alias dl1eic
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